Introducing Studio Dry!


Introducing: Studio Dry by Upper Canada

A salon’s best kept secret!


  • THINK: The ultimate time saver for drying hair! A uniquely crafted microfiber designed to dry hair in HALF the time.  Created to absorb MAXIMUM water moisture from hair saving you time and leaving your locks super shiny and healthy!. Terry towel is damaging to hair as it disrupts hair texture and quality leaving more fly- a-ways and diminishes shine. Using Studio Dry will minimize or even eliminate heat drying tools further bettering the quality of hair. Healthy Hair has never been so easy!


Benefits of Studio Dry:

  • Maximum water absorption!
  • Less time using damaging drying products like blow driers and irons
  • When styling products (i.e: mouse, leave-in conditioners) are applied to hair this specially designed microfiber will NOT remove product so you can continue drying long after product has been applied.
  • Hair feels fuller, shiner with NO Frizz!
  • Machine Washable, Hang to dry
  • Designed in glove format (ideally for curly hair…as the best tool for curly hair is your hands!) and also available in regular towel format that can be worn turban style.  Both gloves and towel available in pink and black.


  • Studio Dry Gloves ($24.99): Available in Black and Pink 
  • Studio Dry Towel ($19.99) : Available in Black and Pink


 WHERE TO FIND IT : Call 1-800–548-4097

ABOUT UPPER CANADA SOAP: Since 1969, Upper Canada Soap’s mission was to create and sustain a focused portfolio of personal care and beauty brands which are distinctive, innovative and compelling so as to continuously excite its customers and bring a sense of energy and anticipation to the market. Rooted in a style that is down-to-earth, approachable and smart, Upper Canada Soap embraces all things with a zest of luxury and a desire to create and design fabulous products that complement every woman. 

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