2/5/14 - Studio Dry - New Price, New Colours!

Healthier, Shinier, Frizz-Free Hair!

The ultimate time saver for drying hair! A uniquely crafted microfiber designed to dry hair in HALF the time without damaging hair. A perfect solution for healthier, shinier, frizz-free hair!

Benefits of Studio Dry:

• MAXIMUM water absorption
• Hair feels fuller with NO frizz!
• Less time using damaging drying products like blow dryers and irons
• The specially designed microfiber does NOT remove styling products (mouse, leave-in conditioners) but creates hair shinier than ever!
• Machine washable, just hang to dry


Studio Dry Gloves (MSRP $14.99): Available in Pink, Black, Blue and Purple

Studio Dry Towel (MSRP $14.99): Available in Pink, Black, Blue and Purple

All colours - Available Here

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