Mini Suction Cup Mirror - Pink Feel the Fruit Gift Set

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Naturally - Pressed Olive Avocado - Cabine Size - Lotion
Naturally - Pressed Olive Avocado - Cabine Size - Lotion
Was on my way to buy hand lotion at a chain store, but saw this on sale at a sidewalk sale on my way. It's gorgeous, smells amazing and moisturizes

  1. [THINK PINK] Beauty Gives Back

    FB_TimelineCover_BeautyGivesBackFight cancer with beauty: There’s nothing pretty about the big C..., but there are plenty of beautiful ways to raise awareness. By purchasing one of the many “pink” products, we will donate to Women’s Cancer Research, you can join Upper Canada Soap and our sister company, Danielle Creations, in the fight against this ugly disease.

  2. 20 Reasons Your Dad is Awesome

    DadTo all the committed fathers, Upper Canada Soap is wishing  you a happy and safe Father’s Day.    Its days like these which are meant for us to take the time and reflect upon what makes our Fathers exceptional. What makes a man a father? Is it his sense of humour? Is it his strong more

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