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Golden Maple Sugar Hand & Body Lotion
Golden Maple Sugar Hand & Body Lotion
Best Lotion i have EVER used!.
I purchase my lotion at one of the little resort stores near one of the many lakes that surround our town. It is apparent that not only I love it,

  1. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Make it All About FeetMother’s Day is the one official day a year we celebrate those amazing women in our lives who helped shape us into the woman we are today. Whether they are our birth mom, grandma, aunt, godmother, or other incredibly special woman they deserve to be recognized and spoiled everyday, but especially on Mother’s Day! As more

  2. Your Personal Beauty Expert

    Tutorial_YouTube_Video (4)A few weeks ago while messaging with a friend before a night out she was in the middle of a beauty crisis. Wanting to wear more than her typical mascara and eyeliner make up routine for a night out, she decided to try contouring her face to add definition. Unfortunately, without any direction she was more

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